FAQ: Using Neurolabs’ Synthetic Computer Vision Solution in Retail

A virtual recreation of a supermarket fridge with virtual recreations of supermarket products in it.
Synthetic Computer Vision enables real-time, in-store product monitoring at scale.

About Neurolabs

Q. What does Neurolabs do?
Neurolabs provides Synthetic Computer Vision (SCV) software to retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands to enable them to automate visual-based, in-store processes such as On-Shelf Availability.

Our Synthetic Computer Vision Approach

Q. What is Synthetic Computer Vision?
Synthetic Computer Vision (SCV) is a form of image recognition software. SCV uses Synthetic Data to train Computer Vision (CV) models to detect objects in images and videos.
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Real-Time Shelf Monitoring

Q. How do you monitor the real retail environment once your solution is deployed?
We can access images from the real retail environment using fixed cameras that are FTP-enabled. A photograph is taken at pre-defined intervals using these cameras. These images are then sent to the Neurolabs API for detections to be carried out. The detection data is made instantly available to our customers for the purposes of reporting and automation.

  • Business Case Definition
  • Hardware & Network Configuration
  • SKU On-Boarding
  • In-store Contact


Q. What is the price to use Neurolabs?
For a Proof-of-Concept (PoC), we usually agree on a one-off price. Once in production, we have a pricing model based on the number of camera deployments (if it’s a fixed-camera solution) or the number of users (if it’s a mobile solution).

Getting Started Costs

Q. Why do you charge a Getting Started Fee?
The simple answer is flexibility. Every client is different. However, all of our clients so far have wanted to implement with a combination of in-house, System Integration, and Neurolabs, with the project costs and hardware often coming from a different budget.



Q. What happens if peoples faces are in the stills
Every picture is checked for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) before any insights are extracted from it. In case we detect any humans in the photo, the image is automatically deleted.


Q. How do you ensure the solution is secure?

  • We use all the major cloud providers, so we rely on their processes and procedures to maintain and update operating systems.
  • All data at rest is encrypted.
  • All user interfaces are secured via username/password. Thus, we can interface with many of the single sign-on models available.
  • APIs — We use OAuth to grant access to our APIs.


Q. Can we use our cameras?
The simple answer is, it depends. We have several models, but ideally, we need a resolution of 2K to take “stills” rather than a continuous feed. The key requirement, of course, is that the camera is pointed at the shelf. Our ideal camera is Power Over Ethernet (PoE) enabled with the ability to take one 4K still per minute as a minimum requirement.


Q. We use a specific cloud services provider. Can we continue to use it with Neurolabs?
We use all the major cloud providers, Amazon, Azure, and Google.


Q. Can you deploy the solution offline?
We currently support online deployments only. With the increasing transition to cloud services in the grocery space, we are following the trend and prioritising online deployments. However, we do have plans to make our solution available offline in the future.

Commercial Risk

Intellectual Property

Q. Who owns the 3D Models?
If you, the client, provide the complete model and skins, you own it. We would ask for an unlimited licence to use. If we create the model, then Neurolabs owns the model. If you stop using Neurolabs, we would provide access for a fee.

Working With Neurolabs

Q. How Can You Install Hundreds of Cameras
A typical project has 3 parties: you, the client, ourselves as the solution owner and an integrator. The integrator can be your own in-house team, an integrator you already work with or one we can recommend. Our objective is to make it as straightforward and as low risk as possible. We have successfully done all three options.


Q. What makes Neurolabs better than existing OSA solutions that are on the market?
Current shelf monitoring solutions just tell you about the problem, which is not enough. Our solution goes further in getting to the root cause of the problem, allowing you to address the cause not the symptoms (i.e. the Out-Of-Shelf or Out-Of-Stock).

Return On Investment

Q. How can you guarantee a return on our investment?
We cannot. However, we have built a robust business case with very conservative assumptions and worst-case costs, and in all our scenarios, the calculations show a positive return. We would very much like to show you our model and get your feedback.



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