What is Synthetic Data?

The key to unlocking the automation potential of Computer Vision

An image and a GIF side by side. The image on the left is of different versions of a Coca-Cola glass bottle. The GIF on the right is a digital 3D model of that same Coca-Cola bottle.
Synthetic Data unlocks the automation potential of Computer Vision for the masses.
  1. Speed: A real-world deployment can be implemented in less than one week, saving you a ton of time and radically cutting costs.
  2. Scale: Easy access to image recognition datasets for over 100,000 SKUs through Neurolabs’ ReShelf product.
  3. Quality: Achieve 96% accuracy for SKU-level product recognition from day 1.
A virtual, 3D recreation of a supermarket fridge and its products, represented as a GIF.
Synthetic Data, in the form of 3D digital twins of supermarket products and their environments, helps retailers and CPG brands automate visual-based in-store processes such as Shelf Monitoring and Shelf Auditing.



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We help retailers automate time-consuming and costly business processes using Synthetic Computer Vision.